Brand Name : S’ PX Solera 1989

  • Type of wine: Natural Sweet Wine
  • Type of grape: 100 % Pedro Ximenez Grape, from selected sun-dried grapes
  • Alcohol Content: 15 % Alcohol/Volume
  • Process: The process starts with the extraction of the juice from sun-dried grapes of the “Pedro Ximenez “variety. The juice is then fortified, allowed to settle for a year, and placed in special Soleras, American Oak Casks since 1989.
  • Tasting: Jet Black color with amber highlights. Elegant and full bodied. Flavor of raisins, figs and honey, with a hint of cocoa, tobacco and sweetened coffee flavors.
  • Pairing: Excellent as a dessert or aperitif, pairing with cheeses, cookies, fresh or dried fruit and ice-cream