About us

Bodegas Sauci is one of the oldest wineries in the County of Huelva. The origin of our family’s wine-making vocation comes from France. It is said that some Frenchmen named Saussi settled down in this region devoting themselves to the care of vineyards and wine manufacturing. Since then, it has been passed on from generation to generation until 1925 when Fernando Sauci started our commercial business by creating Bodegas Sauci.

Years later, Fernando’s son Manuel Sauci was one of the pioneers in wine bottling in the County of Huelva. Thus in 1965, he managed to market his first bottled wine – the Fino Espinapura (fine wine) – which has been awarded and acclaimed everywhere it has been. Deeply in love with wine aging, he was able to pass this love on to his daughters as well as the careful and elegant art of aging these high-quality wines demand.

Since 2003 the company has been run by the third generation. Montserrat and Begoña Sauci are the future of the company, thus making Bodegas Sauci one of the few Andalusian wineries run by women. Raised in the exquisite care and love for wine, these are two women who work to preserve and to enlarge their legacy without forgetting to be loyal to their history.